I remember when I was me and now I am a voyeur-narcissist of things that half-heartedly curate-themselves. Got to generate some fresh culture. I had a dream DRTGRL gave me lettuce while DJing and that was so FRESH.

But look at me now!

I didn’t.

You can look at Tumblr for a while if you haven’t looked at Tumblr for a while. 

I made this “sick” installation. 



i see girls have to deal with dumb dudes all the time. i think i f i was a girl and some dumb dude tried to holler at me in any way i would just scream. like not even words i’d just scream until i could see in their face that they were scared or worried cause thats a fair trade. im not a girl but…

Forest fire in the snow - just in time 4 summer! Tragic. Here’s my remix of the sadness. 

What’s important to note is that thin white blond girls are sexy and that is scandalous but also sexy, but all it is worthy of scandal, and hot.  Guys, especially chubby white guys with brown beards, are funny, and it’s funny to watch them mocking sexy girls being sexy because they are inherently not sexy, but funny, so it is funny. 

Blond women in transparent white lingerie were making fabric from tree bark near a beach. I saw something on facebook about how we needed to “support” African women who didn’t have bras, and I was like “that is stupid.”

The white-lingerie-ladies were accompanied by topless African women in making bra-cloth from the trees. I don’t know who I was but we all had to climb and hold onto a tree as a tsunami wave swept over everything.